We are A haven for good coffee.

In Santa Fe’s Railyard District, we’re a space for thinking, working, relaxing, even contented boredom.

And, of course, really good coffee. Our guest roasting program features our favorite single origin and blended coffees from the best roasters across the US, made just how you like it.

Not a coffee fan? We don’t judge. We take our tea just as seriously. We serve organic artisan teas from Samovar brewed to just the right time, weight, and temperature.

Read more below from our fans.



“…most promising is the sparkling Sky Coffee, a smart, multi-roaster operation that's well worth a look.”

-Food & Wine, Best Coffee in America

“…we settled into a comfortable routine of walking into town, ordering tea at Sky Coffee near the train station…”

-USA Today Travel

“Sky Coffee hand pick roasters who add diversity, sustainability, and a decidedly personal connection to their craft.”

-New Mexico Magazine

“Sky Coffee, Santa Fe’s newest coffee shop, sits like a fishbowl in the middle of the Railyard, a minimalist cafe space with a bar made of concrete and vintage bricks, with plenty of glass and open space that create a zen-like sense of calm.”

-Santa Fe New Mexican

“Certainly, the crux of the altruism, the lofty ideals and the obsessive attention to detail that categorize the third wave all hinge on constantly improving the level of quality inherent in a good cup of coffee, and Sky certainly delivers in that respect.”

-Santa Fe Reporter

“For the coffee program at Sky, Sky aims to provide Santa Fe with a well-rounded and ultimately eye-opening variety of experiences…”

-Daily Coffee News

“I wanted to pick the brains of the baristas as I usually do when I visit a new shop, but there was a line literally out the door so I soaked up the artsy vibes, got a chuckle at their paradoxical WiFi password (Starbucks) and did a little drooling over their powder blue Slayer Espresso machine.”

-Pin Drop Coffee

"Sample locally made salsas and honey, browse booths of handmade goods and enjoy a great cup of coffee from Sky Coffee, located just next door [to the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market].”

-Wit & Delight