Located in the historic Santa Fe Railyard, Sky Coffee Co. is a haven for third wave coffee culture.

Photos by kelsi sharp

Understated enthusiasm rules as our shop philosophy.

As a shop run by a micro batch of employees, we've developed a sense of real, enduring community. Community, for us, means knowing each other in a more authentic way than simply as customers and workers. We try to do a little bit each day to reimagine our space so that Sky Coffee can become a landing place in Santa Fe. Imagine a vibrant social landscape: a space for thinking, working, relaxing, even contented boredom.

We share what delights us most in the world of drinks and confections in hopes that our shop will become part of your own cozy days and rhythms.

A portrait of our coffee shop would be incomplete without mention of our lovely Railyard neighbors and regulars. Sometimes you get lucky--- we surely did.

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1609A Alcaldesa Street
in the Railyard
Santa Fe, NM 87501


M-F 7:30a – 6:00p
Sa 7:30a – 6:00p
Su 7:30a – 6:00p



We hand pick roasters who add diversity, sustainability, and a decidedly personal connection to their craft. By partnering with small farmers and generating long-lasting relationships, our roasters ensure both quality and equity. These principles apply to every step of coffee production, which gives way to truly special coffee.

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Maquina Coffee Roasters, Marshellton, Pennsylvania. Máquina has been with us since the beginning and their coffees have strongly shaped our identity as a purveyor. Their Parts & Labor blend has been a mainstay for our drip coffee—it's the simple, yet beautiful cup that has left our shop in countless hands. We watch their bulk bags leave our shelves with absolute confidence that they will be savored.

Ruby Roasters, Nelsonville, Wisconsin. Ruby Coffee Roasters uses the slogan “Colorful Coffees”, which seems wildly accurate to us. Each bag we've tasted has greeted us with unique character. Their seasonal blend known as “Creamery” still reigns as our espresso darling; we have been incapable of taking it off our espresso bar for over a year! The folks at Ruby epitomize knowledgeable and masterly coffee roasting.

Middle State Coffee, Denver, Colorado. Middle State is our most neighborly of roasters, the door we can knock on for a proverbial cup of sugar. They set themselves apart in the industry by overflowing with vibrant personality and making it clear that they love what they do.

Several of our baristas choose Middle State's Landspeed blend as their dependable home brew, though it is perfectly adapted for espresso as well. The obscene fruitiness and sweetness of their coffees will light up the circus inside of you.

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